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Do you know what containers smell of? For the majority of people it doesn’t matter at all, but we know how important it can be for cargo transportation. Logixment doesn't laze away to check every container before loading, even for its smell, to make sure customers logistics is successful.

Every single manager in Logixment team embarked their career from the logistics grassroots, working at terminals and warehouses in Poti, visiting cargo inspection sets round-the-clock. Today this experience allows to make carefully weighed decisions and stay one-step ahead of ourselves.

In December 2013 representative of Everline Logistics approached us from Shanghai. We have been tasked with the challenge to reload fragile fiber-optic cable reels (cargo value: EUR 492,000) from containers to low-bed trucks and deliver them to Batumi. Everything was carefully planned, but December rains surprised everyone. Immediately we informed customer about harmful consequences for such kind of commodity in case it’s handled in high humidity. As loading has been rescheduled for one day planned provisions of means of transport escalated into demurrage. However, eventually the customer conveyed us their sincere thanks for handling the case carefully and preventing damage.

Entering into market in the end of 2011 the first deal for transportation of textile goods from Belgium to Georgia was concluded in November. In addition, 2012 started with the large traffic flow of containers with cars from Japan, which we been delivering to Rustavi. First chartering ship and the heaviest cargo happened in 2013. At that time we transported in total 7283 tons in bulk from Poti to Azov. In the summer of 2014 we won a tender contract for transportation equipment to the value of 3 140 000 euro from Germany to Baku. This is a brief summary of our business activities.

At one point we’ve been contacted by a young and ambitious businessman from Tbilisi. It was a day-off but our manager took a phone call and agreed to meet them. Unlike other companies, we’ve written down all the queries, examined in details the most convenient routes and in as little as two weeks the first party of hazelnuts has been shipped to North Africa. Thenceforward Logixment ranks among the best five shippers exporting nuts from Georgia and three of the forwarders for delivering Georgian products in African and Gulf countries. And our partner Georgian Hazelnuts concluded an agreement with us for handling all logistics duties.

In addition to international forwarding, now Logixment turns over a new page in the course of its business – logistics management.

Within the space of three years, Logixment sets itself a challenging task – to create an online platform, where every market member, no matter driver, cargo owner or forwarder will be able to perform win-win deals directly. And this will allow our company to fulfill announced mission – to make logistic approachable and transparent for everyone.

Act now! Send quotation request and get response within 1 hour.

We guarantee that you will get the rate in 2 business days.

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